Dr. Merkel’s Hot Gro American Hair Strengthening Cream

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Dr. Merkel’s Hot Gro American Hair Strengthening Cream – 113gm


1- Shea Butter

2 -Sweet almond oil

3- Cactus oil

4- petrolatum

5- Vitamin E

6- Jojoba seed oil

7- Castor oil

8 -Coconut oil

Product features

Facilitating combing and detangling curly hair and treating frizzy hair

Deeply nourishing hair and moisturizing dry scalp

Protects hair and scalp from frequent styling and hair pulling

It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which strengthens the hair roots

It treats curly hair, increases its smoothness, and naturally separates hair crumbs

How to use

Spread an appropriate amount on your hands and apply it directly to the hair and scalp

Do a gentle hair and scalp massage

Leave the product on your hair without washing for maximum benefit, style your hair

For better results, use it twice daily

Many ladies were pleased with the results of the product

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Dr. Merkel's Hot Gro American Hair Strengthening Cream