Dr. Miracle’s Gro Oil Daily Moisturizing 118ML

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Dr Miracle oil provides all hair needs of the necessary nutrients, as it helps to nourish the follicles thanks to its composition rich in nourishing oils

 The unique formula of this hair oil strengthens hair and solves hair problems

Dr. Miracle Hair Oil, it will restore your hair healthy and thick thanks to its excellent formula. It prevents hair loss and split ends, and it works to lengthen the hair once and moisturizes the scalp.‎


Made from natural ingredients

Helps to strengthen, nourish and soften hair

Perfect for all scalp types

Light on the hair

It contains many vitamins, most notably vitamins A, E and D

It can be used daily

How to use the oil 

    • Shake well before use, then massage an appropriate amount of oil on the scalp for 10 minutes. Hair does not need to be washed or cleaned after using it.
    • How to use it In making an oil bath, spread the oil from roots to ends with a good scalp massage, then cover your hair with a warm towel for 15 minutes. After that wash your hair.
    • You can use it as an oil bath or hair mask twice a week or once a week if you have oily hair. (preferably using a procap)

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The country of manufacture is the United States of America

Many Saudi women were pleased with the results of the product

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Dr. Miracle’s Gro Oil Daily Moisturizing 118ML