Flawless is a painless facial and body hair removal machine

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The excess hair removal device consists of one or more moving heads, each of which is a large group of tweezers that move quickly to pluck the hair. Specialists used the properties of gold as a metal that does not interact with the skin and does not cause any irritation, sensitivity or unwanted interactions unlike some other metals, so they used 18 karat gold to manufacture these moving heads.

The quick circular movement of the tweezers removes the hair from its roots, which is the best home method for getting rid of hair, because it causes a delay in the growth of new hair. Also, the very quick movement of the tweezers does not cause pain.


The device does not cause pain.
It does not irritate the skin because it is made of gold and because it does not include any harmful chemicals in its manufacture.
It is small in size and can be carried in your daily handbag and suitable for travel times.
Easy to use No preparation required before application, works directly on dry skin.
Its price is inexpensive.
Save time and quick to use, you can remove hair in seconds.




Many ladies were pleased with the results of the product

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Flawless is a painless facial and body hair removal machine