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The best-selling German product from M.asam only and exclusively in our store, the original product and beware of imitation

Magic Finish cream from M. Asam, concealer and concealer

Original German product

Cream A silky moisturizer for all skin types, suitable for daily use as a substitute for concealer and foundation cream, an instant concealer for melasma and freckles, covers grains and redness of the skin, is matte and matte like foundation cream, gives your skin smoothness


Why should you buy Magic Finish cream from M. Asam?

✅  Concealer and concealer is an original German product, an indispensable foundation for every female who cares about her elegance
✅  The unique Magic Finish foundation cream, with a light velvety texture, transforms when applied to your skin color and starts a wondrous harmony with it, as it penetrates into the layers of your skin in the blink of an eye to give you your natural color.
Full coverage, flawless complexion, wrinkles, fine lines, pores and even blemishes
With Magic Finish cream, you don’t need powder and it is Suitable for all skin types and automatically adapts to each skin individually, even in winter

 How to use 

Step 1: After applying your daily skincare routine, spread an appropriate amount of Magic Finish cream all over your skin

Step 2:Start by blending it into the skin with a foundation brush gently in a gentle manner, not by wiping

Step 3:You can get a higher degree of coverage by re-combining an extra layer of the product

Step 4:After that, use the usual foundation cream if you want, or settle for the natural look that Magic Finish gives you.


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