Original Licorice Oil from Natural Ansr 30ml

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Original Licorice Oil from Natural Ansr 30ml

Licorice extract helps to get rid of dark skin spots such as sunburn and acne scars



Gluten and alcohol free product

Completely safe on the skin and has no side effects

Treats pimples and acne or any other infections

Reduces redness and irritation of the skin and protects it from dryness.

Keeps the skin fresh and young and rid it of dead skin

It can be used with any cream to whiten and unify the skin color

Regenerates skin cells and quickly replaces damaged cells

The original licorice oil protects the skin from sun damage.

It has the ability to get rid of dark spots in the skin and skin pigmentation.

Treats fungi that appear on the skin because it contains anti-inflammatory elements.

It works to unify and lighten the color of the skin and whiten it naturally, because it contains exfoliating materials for the skin and renewing the cells.

Licorice extract drops can be added to moisturizing oils, body exfoliating mixtures, or moisturizing and skin-lightening creams.

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How to use licorice oil 

1-Mix several drops of licorice oil with any cream or lotion suitable for your skin type and use it on a daily basis.

2-You can see the result of use from the third time quickly and easily.

3-Regular use of the oil makes the skin regain its density and elasticity

Many Saudi women were pleased with the results of the product

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Original Licorice Oil from Natural Ansr 30ml