Laser White Vitamin C Serum for Whitening Face and Tightening Pores – 30 ml

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Take advantage of the vitamin C serum, which enhances skin tightening while increasing its smoothness and provides natural moisture to the skin while protecting from aging. From Laser White It enhances skin tightening and makes it smoother and younger It works to reduce wrinkles and fine lines It works to lighten and revitalize the skin It works to protect the skin from sun damage It moisturizes and revitalizes cells.

Features and benefits:

🟤 Promotes skin tightening and makes it smoother and younger

🟤 Brightens and revitalizes the skin.

🟤 Works to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

🟤 Moisturizes and revitalizes cells.

🟤 Works to protect the skin from sun damage.

Usage results

✔️ Smoother, younger-looking skin

✔️ Lighter skin without any spots or wrinkles

✔️ Moist skin

✔️ Protection from sun damage


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Vitamin C serum for face whitening and tightening pores from Laser White