YC Green Tea Seed Skin Lightening Cream

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YC Skin Lightening Cream with Green Tea Seeds

Original Korean product

Cream is a silky moisturizer for all skin types, suitable for daily use. The cream, which has the best sales in Asia

Why should you buy YC Skin Whitening Cream with Green Tea Seeds?

For many features that made it No. 1 in the continent of Asia, namely

Resisting signs of aging
getting rid of acne
Unify skin tone
Whitening and lightening the skin
Suitable for all skin types and automatically adapts to every skin even in winter

It exfoliates the skin because it is full of vitamin B necessary for skin health and helps strongly in maintaining collagen production
Treats the skin from inflammation because it contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of skin diseases caused by inflammation and treat them immediately.
Effective acne treatment by reducing pores and getting rid of pimples and blackheads.
reduces bloating eyes and dark circles.
Increases skin moisture.
Protects against sun damage

 How to use 

– Use on clean skin

– Twice morning and evening

– Gently massage the skin in circular motions

Many ladies were pleased with the results of the product

If for any reason you don’t have a positive experience, contact us and we’ll make sure all your concerns are addressed and you’ll leave 100% satisfied and smiling.


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YC Green Tea Seed Skin Lightening Cream